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Kids Spiritual Bath

Kids Spiritual Bath

Our Kids Spiritual Bath is perfect for parents who want to ensure their children's emotional and spiritual well-being. This blend is perfect for kiddos who are feeling drained, depressed, lacking emotion/feeling or simply displaying behaviors and actions that are outside of their normal. 


We understand that young ones can also be vulnerable to negative energies and entities, which is why we've intentionally curated this blend specifically for them. Our mix uses all-natural ingredients to remove and clear any negative energies, while also protecting against unwanted entities such as succubi and incubi. This blend is beautiful for kids despite the misconception that children and kiddos are not susceptible to negative energies and mishandling in the spirit realm the same as adults are.


If you are looking to offer your children a protected and energetically balanced life, gift them a bath and soothing experience with our Kids Spiritual Bath. This bath blend is especially effective against negative and unwanted energies, making it an essential addition to any parent's spiritual care routine for their little ones.

  • Ingredient List

    • Lavender
    • Oatstraw
    • Fennel
    • Calendula
    • Pink Himalayan Salt
    • Chamomile-infused Epsom Salt

    Please be aware that prior to purchasing, all of our items are handcrafted and are meant for use of the body. Due to hygiene, COVID-19, and other airborne diseases, we will not accept returns and refunds will not be sent out. If you have a question, comments, or concerns regarding your order please send us an email at


    Shipping and handling are not included in the cost. Ground shipping typically takes 5-10 business days, this estimate can be sped up through expeditated shipping. Please note, that once the product leaves us we are no longer responsible for any damages USPS or UPS may cause.

  • General Information

    This blend is not only good for spiritual protection, cleansing, and banishing but also very helpful and calming to our biggest organ; our skin.

    • The lavender in the blend soothes the nervous system creating a calmer mind and headspace while disinfecting wounds, cuts, and scapes. Lavender also allows us to awaken our crown chakra which helps us connect to higher dimensions and our higher selves. This allows us to awaken our senses beyond the physical while simultaneously removing barriers surrounding seeing beyond the physical realm/3D. Lavender also creates a barrier around us as we tap further into the divine we gain divine protection as long as we also do the work.


    • The oat straw and lavender pair well; they are both used for insomnia, cooling, and calming the body to prepare for rest. The oat straw also helps with any open sores from parasitic infections such as herpes, eczema, psoriasis, and ringworm rashes as it also soothes the itchiness. Oatstraw is a powerful spiritual cleanser as it removes watcher and harvesting spirits and restores inner peace to the mind and nervous system. Oatstraw also helps remove the spirit of depression off of your aura and away from your auric field.   


    • Calendula is an herb that helps pester spirits, watcher spirits, and monitoring spirits become eradicated and removed from one auric field. This herb also calms the nervous system by comforting kids who are anxious and carrying fear-based energies. This herb has the power to heal trauma and shock that is done upon the soul, this herb also helps with emotional intelligence and having the confidence to speak up for oneself. When used topically, this herb heals skin ailments by disinfecting the wound and repairing the cells for further healing. 


    • Fennel is a go-to herb if you are struggling with getting rid of outsiders in your energy. Intrusive thoughts, impulsive actions, and actions/thoughts and feelings that are not normal or frequent in your life may not be your own but a spirit that I working through you to drain you of your essence and spiritual power. Fennel clears and banishes spirits from your auric field and creates a layer of protection that allows you to be protected from outside energies that are not your own. 


    • Pink Himalayan Salt is derived from the earth and contains spiritual properties that are ancient and sacred. This salt can cleanse and purify your auric field, your mind, your physical body,  your soul and your spirit. This salt is amazing for typical and maintenance spiritual baths for simply washing away your day or current energy that may be on you. This salt has the power to work almost instantly depending on your faith factor and belief system. This salt is naturally pink which connects to our heart chakra allowing us to be cleansed and bring forth trauma, hurt and pain to the forefront allowing us to heal and deal properly. 
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