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I love me some me

I love me some me

This bath is perfect if you are looking to enhance your self-love and self-esteem. If you are looking to bring in suitors, partners, or sexual-based relationships… this bath is for you! This bath will help you feel free, energized, sexy, confident and release your seductive energy!


If you have experienced the spiritually beneficial properties of our baths, our “I love me some me” Spiritual Bath in our size “full” is perfect for you to always have for your hygiene regimen.


This bath was curated with intentionally natural ingredients that not only accentuate the inner work you’ve done but also embrace your self-care routine while providing you with soft, silky, and moisturized skin. 


Our spiritual baths are perfect for those seeking a sustainable bath product that is naturally derived. We use coconut milk powder, Epsom salt, calendula, ginger, dill seed, and other herbs. All of our spiritual baths are also biodegradable making them an eco-friendly product.


The allergen information of this product includes seasonal flowers as well as tree nuts; so please be mindful if you have any allergies before indulging in this revitalizing experience

  • Ingredient List

    • Coconut Milk Powder
    • Rose petals
    • Orange Peels
    • Lemon Peels
    • Lavender
    • Calendula
    • Dill Seed
    • Epsom Salt
    • Ginger
  • What does this bath do?

    Coconut Milk Powder: Coconut milk deeply cleanses the skin of impurities, and dead skin cells. This powder also moisturizes the skin leaving it visibly nourished and physically smooth and soft. The high count of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in coconut milk allows the skin to age in reverse while tightening the skin. Spiritually speaking coconut milk powder is a great choice to cleanse the mind, body and spirit 

    Rose Petals

    Orange Peels




    Lemon Peel

    Dill Seed

    Epsom Salt

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